Finding Old Domains to Get Indexed Faster

The first step in the process is to find an old domain. There is a more complicated explanation for this but all you really need to know is that the search engines favour domains that are established and have a longer history because they perceive that they are an older and hence more credible source of information. This has been tested extensively and is proven to give faster indexing, more traffic and hence better results.

To find an old domain we use Once you have created an account you select the find expired domains tool and begin searching. What we are looking for is a domain with these characteristics:

1. It is over 2 years old.
2. It’s pages are that of a decent site not a link farm.
3. It is available.
4. It has at least 1 page already indexed in Google.

Working with

Using the search you will bring up a list of domains that fit your filters. You will see a button that says archive. When you click this button a screen will come up that shows the history of this domain, including how many pages it has had listed and in which years.

What you are looking for is a domain that has pages listed from more than 2 years ago.

A lot of the domains you click will show no history at all so it is your job to sort through these to find the ones that have. When you find a domain that has history of more than 2 years. When you find a domain with some history it pays to click each page that it has listed to see what kind of page it is (the actual page that was listed in that year will be shown). If it is anything other than a site with a whole lot of links then you can tick step one. (Note: some domains will show a message saying this domain is parked here or the site is under construction or something similar. These domains may have a lot of links but they are not link farms and they are OK to use).

Other checks for domain validity

Ok now you have to go to Google and see whether this domain has pages indexed or not. To do this simple go to Google and type in “”. If there are no results for this search then there are no pages indexed and you will have to try another domain. If you see results, (they will usually be the domain itself listed there), then this domain gets tick number 2.

Lastly you just have to check that this domain is available. To do this, just go to and type your domain into the main box that has .com next to it and hit enter. You will see the results and will be able to tell whether or not this domain is available. If the domain is available then you’re good to go. This domain is a good usable domain and you are ready to move on to the next step!

About The Author

Andrew Hansen is the apprentice to an online marketing guru and has learnt in just a few months how to make a full time income from his online ventures. He endorses as the simplest method to build an automated adsense empire and generate large cash profits.


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