Choosing domain parking provider

Domain parking has become quite popular because it allows people to buy domains that they do not have content for, but still profit from them. Then, if the domain is successful, one can expect to sell the domain for 6-96 months worth of revenue! The money that can be made of parked domains is truly unlimited if proper networking and advertising is done. To make as much as possible you also need to work with the right domain parking service, and it can be difficult to ascertain which is the correct service for you. Below you’ll find a review of the top domain parking services to help you decide which may be the best fit for you. This is an attractive website that will allow you to both park and sell. also offers an affiliate program so you have the opportunity to make even more money through those that you are able to refer to You’ll find that the website offers you website tracking so you can see exactly what is taking place on your domain at any time. You’ll also benefit from monthly payouts, which is nice, because it keeps you motivated to keep advertising and marketing to drive traffic to your website. While all of this seems great, it can be sort of a bummer that you have to share any revenue that you make with Unfortunately, the website does not really specify how the revenue will be split, which raises some eyebrows, for sure. Overall, this seems like a great website to work with for parking and selling, as long as you don’t mind sharing your revenue. This is a website that parks websites and links to others that buy and sell, as well. The front page is a bit misleading because they keep referring to the other websites, so you are almost drawn away from this website! You’ll experience great revenue with this website as they use content on each of your parked websites to attract both Internet users and search engines. You’ll be paid according to page views and clicks, but the website doesn’t offer much information about payment or shared revenue. The website almost seems to dodge the cost of their services, as after 20 minutes on the website we could not find a direct link to the cost of their service or revenue sharing programs. While the website is probably great, the overall opinion was that they just weren’t all that upfront about much of anything. This website will allow users to buy, park, and sell, so it’s highly convenient for those that want to do a little bit of everything in one place. The website will pay out as soon as your account holds at least $20 and will payout by Paypal or bank transfer. While the website offers the ability to do everything you need, revenue generated from your parked websites will be split with The website is a bit complicated, but overall seems to be a decent resource for those that want to buy, park, and sell. This seems to be the bet website for parking your domains! Not only is this website very upfront and uncomplicated, they are also very straightforward about their services and the cost of their services. You can register up to 100 domains with for just $100. This is a one-time fee that you will pay and you will not split any revenue with them, ever! While the $99 may seem like a lot now, it will seem like so little later because you can make more than that in one month! That means you will not have to split your revenue later on, so you can make a lot more. Because specializes in parking, you will get a lot of traffic to your sites because they use keyword rich content that will attract all of the visitors you could ever hope for. also gives pointers on how to drive traffic to your site through advertising, which is awesome. This was definitely the overall favorite for domain parking, hands down!


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