What A Newbie Webmaster Should Know About Domain Registration

May 8, 2006

Domain Name Registration

Affordable domain name registration was extremely difficult to be found in the past. In fact, all domain name registrars used to charge a flat fee of $70 which was to register your domain name for two years.

Now there has been an explosion of companies that offer affordable domain name registration. Some will register your domain name for less than $15 a year, especially if you are registering multiple sites for a number of years at the same time. Be aware that you may have to have a number of variations of your ideal site name as you often find that the more popular terms have already been registered or reserved for future use.

If you are serious about your online presence then it is essential to consider a bulk domain name registration. The most obvious benefit of having a bulk domain name registration is that your site will appear higher on the search engines. That may be incentive enough but registering as a .net, .biz, .co.uk, .la or other domain names too has a far greater benefit which many people do not think about.

A major benefit of having a bulk domain name registration for your site is to prevent the more unscrupulous cyber sitters from piggybacking on the success of your website. Imagine if you could register as a google.au and benefit from the millions of people who use a Google site every day? You see how this could work to someone’s advantage if Google hadn’t performed a bulk domain name registration to prevent this. The extra cost to have a bulk domain name registration can be minimal and there are a number of web domain registrars who offer bulk discounts to their customers.

Wholesale domain name registration is an increasingly popular way for webmasters to register multiple domain names at the same time at a fraction of their individual costs combined. A new marketing technique has been sweeping the World Wide Web recently where webmasters create hundreds of websites with only a small amount of text to attract visitors by keyword searches and wholesale domain name registration has led to this process being simplified.

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Turn Domain Names Into Cash

May 8, 2006

Internet domain names are a hot commodity. Everyday thousands of people are cashing in on the domain name business. I'm not kidding when I say that there are people who are raking in millions of dollars each and every year just be registering domain names.

I'm sure many of us read the headlines a few years back when the domain name, business.com, sold for a whopping $7.5 million! Like time, the domain name business has evolved and matured. The days of snapping up web addresses and waiting a few months for an incredible "retirement" offer are over. Today the domain name game is played via the pay per click parking and affililate marketing models.

For many years the tools and techniques used by successful 'domainers' utlizing these parking and affiliate services have gone unnoticed – flying beneath the radar. That is until now.

Now, there is a blueprint of the most highly recognized tools and laidout plans that domainers have been using for years. In fact, a number of prominent news and business publications like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazine and CNN have all reported on the tremendous growth in the domain name business. In short, the mainstream media have finally caught on to this multi-million dollar industry that is gaining popular attention.

See for yourself at www.domaincashvault.com, and learn everything there is to know about the domain name business.

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Brian Pubrat is the author of Domain Cash Vault – How to unlock the money-making secrets to the domain name business. For more information, please go to: www.domaincashvault.com.

Why You Can’t Afford Traditional Domain Parking

May 7, 2006

Many people have heard the term domain parking, but aren’t all that sure what it is. The problem is, domain parking is an issue for a lot of web owners out there, and they just don’t realize how much it is affecting how much they could be profiting from their current and future websites. The thing is, once one knows exactly what domain parking is and why traditional forms of domain parking is something they cannot afford, they will be looking for alternatives, and there is at least one great alternative for those that don’t want their website collecting dust anymore!

Simply put, domain parking is the term that applies to websites that are not currently being used, but there is a “holder” page that can be seen that lets customers know that the site is under construction or even available for sale. There is no content on the pages, just the notice that the site exists, but as of yet, there is not content associated with it. Traditional domain parking services are generally just pages of links to other sites, or the more generic under construction page. These services offer no value to the owners of these domain names, but the http://www.whypark.com has figured out how to add value to these webpages!

The reason that www.whypark.com is different from all the rest is that it doesn’t just provide a webpage with no value, instead they ensure that your webpage includes hundreds and even thousands of pages of real content that is relevant to those that you would hope would visit your webpage. Your can pick and choose the content seen on your webpage by selecting related keywords. WhyPark.com then ensures that there is content rich, informative, and interesting content on your webpage so that search engines and users alike will be drawn to the website again and again because your webpage will constantly update with new information. When you team WhyPark.com up with great resources like Google AdSense, your earnings are truly unlimited.

WhyPark.com is awesome because they are very affordable, you can host up to 100 of your domain names with them for less than $100! This is an unheard of rate, especially because the domain names won’t just be sitting there without any value. Whether you just haven’t had the time to construct something more or you will eventually sell the domain, why not profit off of the space in the mean time? It really is that easy. WhyPark is really easy to use; there is no fine print, no monthly fees, nothing! You pay once and then you are done! With great tools such as WhyPark.com you no longer need to have a dusty website just waiting to be filled with content, instead it can be filled with content in just minutes!

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Traditional domain parking does not work. For enhanced domain parking visit http://www.whypark.com to start earning revenue from your domain names

Information on Domain Names: Multiple domain hosting, Domain parking, Sub domains, WhoIs Record, Domain Renewal

May 6, 2006

It’s been two years since John started his online business. He is very much satisfied with his current web host whose services he acquired one year ago. Today John is relaxing in his chair and thinking about the initial days when he spent many hours on the Internet collecting information related to web hosting. Like him there are many John’s out there who are in search of information everyday, visiting this and that website hoping to find the most illuminating advice. The problem is that common topics of interest can be found on most of the websites whereas other relevant issues are not dealt with everywhere. This article is going to touch on one of those areas: various concerns related with domain names.

What is multiple domain hosting?

Many times you will see that a web host offers multiple domain hosting. In simpler words it means that on buying an account you will have the ability to get multiple websites. For instance, if the plan provides you with five domain names, you can use one domain for your website and you will still have four domain names leftover to use. The advantage of this scenario is that you can resell these four domain names to your clients.

What is Domain Parking?

If you are planning to build up a website and have decided on a name for it you then must purchase that domain name from a domain registrar: i.e. your domain name gets placed on a name server so that you can use it later on. This is known as domain parking. Even if your website content is not ready, it’s better to park your desired domain name. Otherwise, it might be possible that in future somebody else acquires that particular domain name.

What are sub domains?

Sub domains are ‘third level’ domains in the sense that they are used solely to organize your website content. They are simply folders under your root directory, but to access them a special URL is used.

For instance, http://www.m6.net is a regular URL without a sub domain.
http://features.m6.net is an URL with the sub domain name: "features".
Here the:
.net: is the first level domain,
m6: is the second level domain,
features: is the third level domain

For how long does a domain name belong to you?

Generally when you register a domain name it is registered for a minimum of one year. However, you can register it for more years, as there is no hard and fast rule as such.

What is Domain Renewal?

After one year you need to renew your domain name so that your website doesn’t get lost. Generally when your domain is about to expire your domain registrar will send you a reminder mail regarding the domain renewal.

What happens when your domain name expires?

When your domain name expires you can renew it within one month. If you don’t renew it in this period it goes into a redemption phase. It stays in this redemption phase for 15 to 30 days before it is then available for purchase again at a normal price. Getting a domain name out of redemption phase is like buying fifty domains as it can cost around $200!

How to find out the owner of a domain name?

To find out the owner of a domain name, use the WhoIs search tool on the Internet .For E.g. Go to http://centralops.net/co/ and type the domain name under Domain Dossier. It will show you the name of the registrant/domain’s owner/web host.

What is WhoIs record?

WhoIS record is a domain name search engine/Internet program where users can enter an Internet entity (e.g. a domain, a network, some hosts) and it will give detailed information on the domain registrar, the owner of the domain, and respective DNS records.

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Priyanka Agarwal
Hosting evangelist

Expired Domains: Outrageously Effective Traffic Generation Technique

May 5, 2006

Expired domains, how can I receive traffic from them? Can I profit from expired domains?

Those are two very important questions you are asking yourself. Here is the bottom line. You are probably like most on-line entrepreneurs. You have been struggling to snatch your share of that whirl wind of traffic that you hear about from every guru wannabe out there.

Chances are you have probably invested strongly in banner ads, classified ads, search engines or even spent a pile on so-called “safe lists” only to find yourself disappointed again and again.

There is a perfectly legal, outrageously effective, traffic generation technique that, until now, has gone relatively unnoticed by the masses.

What if you could recover existing web traffic that is currently being overlooked and basically being flushed down the toilet?

What if you could grab one of those prized listings in Yahoo that cost $200 with no guarantee you’ll even be included in the directory?

What if you could get that traffic for a fraction of what other advertising methods charge?

Expired domains might be an option to mull over. Every day over 3 million hits of targeted traffic are lost due to abandoned web sites.

Why does this happen?

Webmasters may lose interest or they don’t have the money or time to manage the site. Occasionally they just forget to renew. A large part of these expired domain clicks come from sites that were never developed. BUT, some were once solid sites generating traffic and sales.

Expired domains is all about capturing all the effort, time and money that the previous owner developed and putting it to good use for yourself.

What if a domain name had link popularity, had a coveted dotcom (.com) extension, or was even listed in Yahoo or had Google Page Ranking?

What is Link Popularity? Simply put, Link Popularity is the number of other websites that link to your site. Doesn’t it stand to reason that if a domain name previously had Link Popularity or was one of those coveted dotcoms or was even listed in Yahoo, that it might have once been a thriving website?

Not only that, but with a little time and effort, you might even be able to pick up some popular domain names just for conjecture or to resell on eBay ! Many of the domain names that expire every day could be resold even without Link Popularity or any of the other “carrots” because they just happen to be highly regarded as a tangible asset. Short, descriptive domain names that end in a “.com” or “.net” are examples of this.

The best part is that you can get these names for the price of registering them, often for less than $10!

Even if you didn’t use the domain name to redirect traffic to your own web site, if you find a couple and sell them at auction for $25, $50 or more, that’s a pretty suitable return on a very small investment.

A certain amount of caution needs to be taken when using this tool for any purpose. Make certain you do a bit of homework to make sure the previous web site was not an adult site. Occasionally the domain name may not necessarily reflect the former content. There is a tool that can be used to determine the history of the site. Best of all, it’s free! Here is the link:


If you are looking for alternative ways to generate traffic to your site, expired domains might be a good investment.

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Dean Morken is the creator of Affiliate Marketing Info Center. Your on going informational guide to promoting your site. http://www.affiliate-marketing-info-center.com

Various ways to make money with domain names

May 4, 2006

As more people and companies than ever are investing in domain names, it has become evident that not all of these names will realise their full income earning potential. As a Domain reseller and investor with a reasonable sized portfolio ,I have often been asked the best way to make money from these investment domains. The following are the most common ways to create an income stream or maximize resale value.Park the name with a parking service
These places pay a percentage of the advertising revenue derived from ads placed on a page displayed when someone visits your domain. Also most of these parking services also offer a sales listing service to enable easy resale marketing of your domain.

Make your own park page
Similar to the above ,only you create your own small Website with ads and get 100% of the revenue. This however will not be as profitable because the parking services get a much greater traffic flow.

Develop a small, but content rich minisite
These small minisites are usually filled with articles and contextual ads from Adsense. Also often called AdsenseSites

Develop a full featured web-site
Selling services or products and also have some ads and paid links.This can be either selling your own products or as an affiliate for an existing online website.

Factors that increase value

At any of the above stages of development and Value adding,you can make money by reselling the Domain/Site for an increased value above the purchase price. The following is some of the variables determining a fair resale price.

Keywords & brandability of the name
i.e. Become-rich.biz is Keyword rich and is valued higher than CrappyNames.com

Amount of Visitor Traffic
Simple equation More visitors = More Income = Greater Value

Return from site
(Income for Ads,Sales or Paid Links) . Higher Income earned ,Higher value for the site

Current Demand for similiar names
If a particular type of name is hot property ,all the similar names increase in value because of the demand.

Current Search Engine Ranking
If the Name is Not listed by the major search engines or is on page 346 than value is low, conversely if it is listed on the first page of the listings than value will be higher.

Number of Sites linking to your site
Related to Traffic and S.E.Ranking , More links = more traffic + higher rankings

How keen is the buyer for name
Buyer may want the name for a specific purpose and will pay a premium to ensure they get it.
Ways to Lose money on DomainsRegister a trademarked name
like "P*yP*lFees.com" because of the Legal hassles. Most High profile companies can afford an expensive legal battle ,can you?Pay too much for Domain Name
Just because ReallyGreat.com sold for $Big-bucks , doesn't mean paying $bigBucks for any old name will mean reselling it for an even higher price.Get scammed by Email and other types of fraud
Domain investors attract more than their fair share of Scammers A common one is an email claiming to be someone wishing to buy your name ,all you have to do is use their preferred Appraisal service to confirm the offered price. It is just a ruse to get you to pay an inflated price for this appraisal.

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David J Underhill aka BareFootTech is an Australian based domain name reseller and MiniSite developer

Increasing the Value of Your Domain Names

May 3, 2006

So many people have websites that simply sit out there in cyber space collecting dust when they could be generating a fair amount of money. The problem is that typical domain parking doesn't help one get any traffic to their site to sell services, generate money from ad programs, or anything! Many of us settle for the terrible or even mediocre traffic that we get coming and going through our website, even when the seach engines aren't helping us out any. Despite adding links and other things to your websites, you just cannot seem to drive traffic to your website. This is a common enough problem, no doubt. You can change all of this if you want to. If you are willing to think outside of the box and forego traditional domain parking you'll find that your websites can be far more lucrative than they are now.

The reason that so many websites cannot seem to generate an interest or even steady traffic is because traditional domain parking does not provide you or your visitors with anything new or unique. There are literally thousands of identical parked pages on the Internet right now. Additionally, there is no content on your webpage for the search engines to follow or for visitors to read. The problem with the fact that your webpage doesn't attract visitors or search engines is that those that do come only come once, and never return because the webpage doesn't have anything to offer them. If you are in this situation you need to change things up in order to find a better solution to your current problem. When you visit www.whypark.com you'll find that you can change your website so that it is totally unique and will attract both people and search engines who will return again and again. WhyPark.com breathes life into old, dull, and boring webpages that have never attracted more than a few lost web surfers. WhyPark will provide your website with fresh, relevant content that is directed toward your target audience. Because you get to choose the keywords, you know that you'll always have the best information as well as real content that is attractive to both the average web surfer as well as the very important search engines that will help bring you more traffic. Because you have great content, new and old visitors will return again and again because your content is ever changing and reliable. Keyword rich content, keyword rich titles, and easy to follow index pages will make your website a favorite of search engines. This means that you will have more traffic, that you will rank higher with search engines, and you will simply be more visible, which is great for any webpage. You won't have to worry about duplicate content or content that doesn't make sense, this is the real deal, and it's easy, affordable, and will pay off immediately as you see your websites rise through the ranks in a matter of days. Your website doesn't have to continue to attract dust from non-use; it can become very popular very quickly with the help of www.whypark.com.

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Domain Parking is a poor use of unused domain names. To get more from your domain parking, visit http://www.whypark.com

Finding Old Domains to Get Indexed Faster

May 2, 2006

The first step in the process is to find an old domain. There is a more complicated explanation for this but all you really need to know is that the search engines favour domains that are established and have a longer history because they perceive that they are an older and hence more credible source of information. This has been tested extensively and is proven to give faster indexing, more traffic and hence better results.

To find an old domain we use www.1expired.com. Once you have created an account you select the find expired domains tool and begin searching. What we are looking for is a domain with these characteristics:

1. It is over 2 years old.
2. It’s pages are that of a decent site not a link farm.
3. It is available.
4. It has at least 1 page already indexed in Google.

Working with Archive.org

Using the 1expired.com search you will bring up a list of domains that fit your filters. You will see a button that says archive. When you click this button a screen will come up that shows the history of this domain, including how many pages it has had listed and in which years.

What you are looking for is a domain that has pages listed from more than 2 years ago.

A lot of the domains you click will show no history at all so it is your job to sort through these to find the ones that have. When you find a domain that has history of more than 2 years. When you find a domain with some history it pays to click each page that it has listed to see what kind of page it is (the actual page that was listed in that year will be shown). If it is anything other than a site with a whole lot of links then you can tick step one. (Note: some domains will show a message saying this domain is parked here or the site is under construction or something similar. These domains may have a lot of links but they are not link farms and they are OK to use).

Other checks for domain validity

Ok now you have to go to Google and see whether this domain has pages indexed or not. To do this simple go to Google and type in “site:thedomaininquestion.com”. If there are no results for this search then there are no pages indexed and you will have to try another domain. If you see results, (they will usually be the domain itself listed there), then this domain gets tick number 2.

Lastly you just have to check that this domain is available. To do this, just go to www.registerfly.com and type your domain into the main box that has .com next to it and hit enter. You will see the results and will be able to tell whether or not this domain is available. If the domain is available then you’re good to go. This domain is a good usable domain and you are ready to move on to the next step!

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Andrew Hansen is the apprentice to an online marketing guru and has learnt in just a few months how to make a full time income from his online ventures. He endorses http://www.viralinstigator.com as the simplest method to build an automated adsense empire and generate large cash profits.